Mission Statement

Building community, faith, and integrity through discussion

Launched in the early months of 2017, The Gaelic Roundtable is a community based blogging project inspired by the online Kemetic Community and their own Roundtable discussions.

As a blogging project, we have a number of aims we seek to accomplish.

Firstly, we aim to encourage the critical evaluation of the current resource materials available to our community at large- and aid in community driven resource development which focuses on practical viewpoints and applications of Gaelic Polytheist practice and belief in the modern era, directly from the perspective of those currently reconstructing it in any form.

Secondly, we aim to encourage continued critical, educated, and thoughtful community discussion on (and understanding of) these topics, which we believe serves to strengthen the faith and integrity of the Gaelic Polytheist Community- and in doing so, aid in the development of a diverse but unified community which can fully support a myriad of beliefs and approaches without mortal conflict.

And lastly, we aim to reduce the Gatekeeping of Gaelic Polytheist resources (either by Institutions or Individuals, etc) by amplifying and providing a platform for the individual voices of the Gaelic Polytheist Community- and we aim to do so by 1. Denying no access to any Gaelic Polytheist who wishes to participate so long as they abide by our Code of Conduct2. Collecting all participants’ posts each month and publishing them in a cohesive, singular, free, and easily accessible location for others to view; and 3. Doing our best to maintain a site which is and remains accessible to those of all levels of ability and skill.

If you are a Gaelic Polytheist and this sounds like a Project you would like to participate in, please check out the rest of our blog!

Don’t forget to follow us on WordPress and subscribe to our Newsletter in order to receive regular updates; if you have any suggestions for improvements or increased accessibility- or you have questions, need resources, or anything else- you can always contact us at gaelicroundtable@gmail.com… And if you like what we do, please consider donating, too!

Main site banner provided by Chain Image; corresponding post banner also provided by Chain Image; minor editing provided by The Gaelic Roundtable; we wish to thank The Kemetic Round Table for providing the Pagan and Polytheist communities with the Roundtable idea and format, and for having sustained their own Roundtable for so long- and the Celtic Roundtable for providing us with a stepping stone and model relevant to the Gaelic world.