Visual Aids, CoC Update, and Tumblr Overhaul

This month is coming to an end and we’ve rolled out a few more updates.

Firstly, simple visual aids have been added to our WordPress. This includes a basic calendar break down for our “How GRT Works” page to help illustrate our posting schedule and your response periods for all monthly topics. It also includes screen cap tutorials to accompany the steps found in our Step-by-Step Participation Guide. This should hopefully enhance understanding of how our system works here at The Gaelic Roundtable.

Secondly, our accompanying Tumblr got a theme overhaul. The new theme allows us to provide direct links to our main pages here on WordPress, as well as a link to our Newsletter, and a direct link to the most current discussion topic. This will mostly effect Desktop users, but may also effect Mobile users; we will have to test it to ensure the same pages are now accessible to both groups.

And lastly, our Code of Conduct was updated today. There have been no significant changes to the terms we set forth for participants, however; updates to the CoC mostly pertain to clarity and formatting.

I’ll continue to tweak and update these pages as necessary to ensure that we’re being as accessible as we possibly can be for those in our community.

Don’t forget to follow us on WordPress and subscribe to our Newsletter in order to receive regular updates; if you have any suggestions for improvements or increased accessibility- or you have questions, need resources, or anything else- you can always contact us at… And if you like what we do, please consider donating, too!



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