Roundup: March 2017

As our introductory topic, we wanted to give our participants a chance to introduce themselves to other community members participating alongside them. For that reason we chose the topic of Journeys and asked everyone to describe how they came to be Gaelic Polytheists. 

Without further ado, we give you the Roundup for March!

My Journey to Irish Polytheism [Revisited] by SweetDelicateThing [WordPress]
Topic One: On Journeys by TidalRevolutions [Tumblr]
New Blog! by ColorfulTreeStudent [WordPress] (Unofficial Entry)
Journeys and greetings by SpiralCharmedLife [WordPress]
Journeys by ExploringCR [WordPress]
The Gaelic Roundtable for March: Journeys by UnfetteredWood [Blogspot]
How I became an Irish Polytheist by An-Tarbh [Tumblr]
Gaelic Roundtable, March 2017 – Journeys by Morgandria [Tumblr]
Gaelic Roundtable: March by LavenderHeljardottir [WordPress]
Unnamed Entry by Chats-with-Grandma [Tumblr]
Recalling My Beginnings by Nameless-Shrine [Tumblr]
Journeys by AnarchistDruid [WordPress]
Wanderings of a Would-Be Gael by PaganLeft [WordPress]

March proved to be an even larger success than we anticipated, and we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who submitted responses. It was encouraging not only to see so many people turn out for our first month in the Gaelic Roundtable, but to see such a large and diverse group of practices participating. It really meant a lot to us! Stay tuned, though. Our next topic will be released on the 1st, followed by our Newsletter the same day!

Don’t forget to follow us on WordPress and subscribe to our Newsletter in order to receive regular updates; if you have any suggestions for improvements or increased accessibility- or you have questions, need resources, or anything else- you can always contact us at… And if you like what we do, please consider donating, too!

Banner Image Credits: Path by MikkoLagerstedt on Deviantart; minor editing provided by The Gaelic Roundtable; we wish to thank The Kemetic Round Table for providing the Pagan and Polytheist communities with the Roundtable idea and format, and for having sustained their own Roundtable for so long- and the Celtic Roundtable for providing us with a stepping stone and model relevant to the Gaelic world.


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