Short Break

Hi, everyone! I want to apologize for being late (again). Unfortunately some things have come up in my life that mean The Gaelic Roundtable needs to take a short break; I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it like I need to in order to keep everything running smoothly. For that, I apologize. Sometimes, though, life happens and I hope y’all will understand.

We’ll be back with a new prompt on July 1st. Until then, please feel free to submit responses to any topic we’ve created so far (that means that old topics are now open to those who wanted to participate but ultimately missed the topic deadlines)- or respond to any posts from other users which really caught your eye- and we’ll pick up where we left off when we get back!

Don’t forget to follow us on WordPress and subscribe to our Newsletter in order to receive regular updates; if you have any suggestions for improvements or increased accessibility- or you have questions, need resources, or anything else- you can always contact us at… And if you like what we do, please consider donating, too!


2 thoughts on “Short Break

  1. Take the time that you need, Anna. I appreciate the work that you’ve put in for this Roundtable already and I look forward to July. In the meantime, take care of yourself and hope everything works out for the best.


    1. Thank you, dear! I look forward to getting things rolling again as soon as I’ve gotten everything sorted out and we’re back! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts so much ❤

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