Changes to GRT on Tumblr

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to be coming back in the next few days and getting the ball rolling on this project once more. Before we do, however, there are a few changes being implemented.

I know several of you are Tumblr Users. Until today, I was too. And while I originally made a promise to myself to avoid politically charged topics on this blog, this topic concerns all of our participants here who not only use Tumblr, but rely on our associated Tumblr to stay up to date with the project.

Battle For the Net

For those of you who don’t know, the battle for Net Neutrality- a free and open internet uncontrolled by ISPs, where everyone has equal access to any website available to them- has been raging across the internet for several years now. And so far, we’ve won. However, the telephone carrier Verizon has been one of our largest opponents alongside ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, and others. On the other side of the battle have been companies like Kickstarter, WordPress, Netflix, Tumblr, and more. Earlier this month, though, Verizon closed a deal with Yahoo! to buy the company- including all of it’s holdings, among which Tumblr is unfortunately counted. And based on reports from current and prior Tumblr Staff, this purchase has not boded well for Tumblr Headquarters and its continued fight.

As a result of the recent acquisition of Tumblr (and its parent company Yahoo!) by Verizon- a company whose former lawyer, Mr. Pai, is now Chairman of the FCC and currently seeks to remove the Title II classification of the internet, rolling back the victories we have achieved in the fight for Net neutrality over the years- I am shutting down every Tumblr and Yahoo account that I currently have access to.

Verizon’s goals and ethics as a company are counter not only to what I stand for, but also what Tumblr Staff played an integral role in helping us achieve in the battle for net neutrality. As one of the largest opponents of Net Neutrality in the past years, Verizon’s acquisition of a company that was integral to maintaining that neutrality has severe and disturbing implications in my mind. And with Tumblr’s previous (now reversed) announcement that it would begin locking out users who were using AT&T emails for their logins- regardless of the original reason, or the purpose that served in their minds… I cannot in good conscience continue supporting Tumblr.

How does this affect you as participants in The Gaelic Roundtable?

We will no longer be using Tumblr’s service to host updates or information for the Roundtable. Additionally, as of tomorrow, all of the Gaelic Roundtable associated Tumblr accounts- including the Shrine Hub and its associated EShrines- will be shut down entirely.

I will not, however, stop rounding up the links for those of you whose only blogging platform is Tumblr. To ensure this remains the case, a single inactive place-holder account will continue to be maintained and used solely in continuing to allowing us easier access to find and archive the posts of Tumblr based participants in this Blogging Project. So if you use Tumblr’s services to write your responses to our monthly topics, rest assured that you will continue to be included in the blogging project just like everyone else; we have a no discrimination policy and have opened participation to everyone regardless of blogging platform, and that is not going to change because of background decisions not to use certain blogging platforms ourselves.

With that being said, though, our choice to leave Tumblr does mean that (now more than ever) it will be important that participants sign up for our newsletters in order to stay up to date on what is going on.

See you all on the 1st!

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