TAP: July 2017

Lore and Personal Gnosis is a dichotomy that plagues polytheist communities regardless of whether or not your flavor of Polytheism is Greek, Irish, or anything else. Regardless of which you prefer, though, they all form the backbone of our beliefs- often alongside the sciences; together they create a whole where there would only be pieces- and this week we want to focus on one of those pieces.

Whether it is familial lore, folklore, or mythology itself, in many cases Lore is the surviving body of stories that we have from the parent cultures of our respective faiths; the echoes of our ancestors (and those not our ancestors), their experiences and traditions and beliefs, passed down through time to us today.

Topic Four: Lore

How important is lore to your practice? What emphasis do you place on it when reconstructing, reviving, or generally creating your faith? do you lean more towards one sort of Lore compared to another? Or do you treat them all equally? How often do you turn to Lore when you’re stuck or don’t know where to take your practice? Do you look at it for answers? And finally, what is your favorite piece of Lore?

Note: Please avoid talking extensively about Personal Gnosis (or the issue of “Personal Gnosis vs Lore”) this month. We’ll be covering Personal Gnosis in the same regard at a later date.

Responses should be submitted no later than the 29th of July to be included in the Roundup at the end of the month. Before submitting, however, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our Mission StatementParticipation Instructions (step by step instructions can be found here instead), and Code of Conduct!

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Banner Image Credits: Books by sainthallow on Deviantart; minor editing provided by The Gaelic Roundtable; we wish to thank The Kemetic Round Table for providing the Pagan and Polytheist communities with the Roundtable idea and format, and for having sustained their own Roundtable for so long- and the Celtic Roundtable for providing us with a stepping stone and model relevant to the Gaelic world.


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