TAP: October 2017

Divinity is an easy thing for us to define, certainly. It refers to the state of being Godlike, or a God- the sacred supernatural, occasionally omnipotent or omniscient

But with the Christianization of Irish Texts it is often hard to figure out who is and isn’t Divine within our own faith. As a result, there are many theories and interpretations of the divine within the Gaelic Polytheist community. Some believe they are deified ancestors, others believe they were simply Human. More believe that they are, in their own rights, classically divine figures. The interpretations are virtually endless.

Topic Two: Divinity

Who do believe are the Deities of the Irish Pantheon? How do you believe that they gained their Divine status? Were they always Gods- or did they become them? Or do you view them as traditional Gods at all? Are there other “categories” that you believe exist- such a “demons” or Demigods? How does your view of Gaelic Divinity differ from traditional views of Divinity such as what is found in the Hindu, Greek, or Abrahamic faiths?

Responses should be submitted no later than the 29th of October to be included in the Roundup at the end of the month. Before submitting, however, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our Mission StatementParticipation Instructions (step by step instructions can be found here instead), and Code of Conduct!

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Banner Image Credits: Divine by MinasTirith on Deviantart; minor editing provided by The Gaelic Roundtable; we wish to thank The Kemetic Round Table for providing the Pagan and Polytheist communities with the Roundtable idea and format, and for having sustained their own Roundtable for so long- and the Celtic Roundtable for providing us with a stepping stone and model relevant to the Gaelic world.


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