Step-by-Step Participation Guide

step 1

Step One: Read the topic announcement post; the TAP for each month will tell you what topic we are discussing for that month, and will provide you with some basic questions in order to help get your gears turning.

For example: The TAP for March is located here; a new TAP will be released on the first day of every month, and will follow the same format. However, each one will have a different topic and a different set of questions that will only be specific to the month in which it was released.

step 2

Step Two: Write your response to the TAP; on your own blog- whether it’s WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Live Journal, or whatever other blogging platform you prefer- create a new post. In that post, write about that month’s topic as it applies to your own personal beliefs and practices.  But don’t publish your response yet!

Note: Because one of the primary purposes of The Garlic Roundtable is to provide well informed, researched, and educated information on Gaelic Polytheism and its modern applications from a number of perspectives- and do so in an effort to provide resources and jumping off points, food for thought, etc, for new Gaelic Polytheists… We have a few participation rules we expect all Response (and their authors) to follow. For more information about this, please read our Code of Conduct page.

step 3

Step Three: Link to us in your response; go to our WordPress blog and find the specific TAP that you are responding to. Copy the URL address for it, and link to it somewhere in the your response. It doesn’t have to be anywhere specific, just so long as you’ve linked to that month’s TAP post somewhere so that people can follow the link back and read other responses to that topic.

For examples on how people have already linked to March’s TAP, please see [My Journey to Irish Polytheism] and [Journeys and Greetings].

step 4

Step Four: Tag the post; in the tags section of the post, please enter the tag Gaelic Roundtable. This allows users to not only find other GRT posts that you’ve made on your own blog, but to find GRT responses from other users on the same blogging platform as you. We also check tags on a number of blogging platforms in order to ensure that we didn’t miss any for that month.

Note: The specific tag for Gaelic Roundtable Responses is Gaelic Roundtable. Please do not use any other variations of the tag- including variations such as The Gaelic Round Table, The Gaelic Roundable, Gaelic Round Table, and so on. We do not track these tags and others may not be able to find your posts if you do so.

step 5

Step Five: Publish your response! After you have written it, linked to the correct TAP in it, and tagged it with the correct GRT tag, just hit the publish button and you’re done with your response!

Note: Please do not publish your responses to more than one platform. For example, if you have both a Tumblr and a WordPress, please choose one and only one platform to publish your full responses to; cross posting to multiple platforms is allowed so long as it is clear your post links back to a primary destination for the full post. This is to ensure that the correct links are gathered each month and multiples do not appear on the Roundup lists.

step 6

Step six: Send us the link for your response; on your own blog, copy the URL for your response post. Next go to our WordPress blog and find the specific TAP that you responded to. Drop your own URL to your response in the comments section and submit it. Doing so lets us know that you wrote one and allows us to collect the link for the Roundtable Roundup so that other participants and subscribers can read your work.

Note: Do not submit the link for your whole blog. Only send us the link for the specific post. Likewise, do not submit your links to just any month’s TAP- and do not submit your links to more than one month’s TAP. Only submit them to the exact month’s TAP that you responded to.

If you followed these steps, congratulations! You have successfully participated in The Gaelic Roundtable. We hope to see you back next month!

Don’t forget to follow us on WordPress and subscribe to our Newsletter in order to receive regular updates; if you have any suggestions for improvements or increased accessibility- or you have questions, need resources, or anything else- you can always contact us at… And if you like what we do, please consider donating, too!


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